car title loans in monterey park

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car title loans in Monterey Park

Use your car to decrease your money worries!*

Sometimes you just don’t realize that the solution to your problems does not lie somewhere over the rainbow or behind the garden wall but right there in your hands – or perhaps to be more accurate in your friendly local parking lot. With the service we provide (car title loans) in monterey park you can use your car title to get cash.

Suppose that you are short of cash. Let’s say for example that your kitchen cupboards are all falling down, they are just too old and unfit for purpose and you so badly need to replace them.

Now you and your partner both work hard and don’t splash out on frivolous items but there just isn’t enough in any kitty to replace them and guess what? The credit cards are all maxed out. But now you hear that you may can get a whole new line of credit through that car of yours and car title loans! Sounds good doesn’t it?

The size of our auto title loans

Title loans happen because we as lenders use the unexpired equity in your privately owned car to provide us that we require to advance you a loan. The size of our auto title loans – which start from $2600 will depend on the worth our applicants’ cars and our credit criteria which may include your income – you can get a very good idea about that when you click on the Kelley’s Blue Book button on our website. One of the differences about applying for an auto title loan is that most of the questions you will be asked will be about the car – the make and model and its current condition.

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