manage finances

How to Manage Your Finances

Watchfulness and Work Make it All Happen!

There is always a temptation to just pretend that everything’s OK, never glance at a bank statement and carry on spending on the credit cards and just paying the minimum – and sometimes not on time – and then being very surprised and hurt when banks and other people to whom you owe money start getting pretty tight under the collar and making threatening noises. Here then are a few tips that you can follow in order to have a better chance of being able to manage finances.

manage your finances

Document all your expenses

Firstly it’s bad that your money ship might be on the rocks – but it’s worse when the ship is grounded in such thick fog that you don’t know how bad things are! However painful it may be you need to document all your outgoings be they big or small, from the mortgage to the weekly pizza at the mall, so you really have a true picture. Where possible, put this on a spreadsheet, divided month by month and offset your spends against your income. You will then know how close (or far) you are coming to balancing your budget – remember that you also need to include regular savings plans and the cost of borrowings, both capital and interest.

An easy way to instant cash

This is the moment when you, together with your partner and/or your family will need to make some tough decisions about spending. There has to be something somewhere that you can count out and exclude to ease your money worries.

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