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Swift Title Loans wants you to have all the information about how to get a title loan with us. So we compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions, and have provided an entire list of answers. Here is our FAQ section:


What is a car title loan?

When you request a car title loan, it means that you’ll use your vehicle’s title as collateral. To qualify for car title loans, borrowers need to own their vehicle, free and clear of liens or debts. Borrowers who are eligible can sometimes get the money from title loans very quickly.

How does a car title loan work?

When you use a car title as loan security, Swift Title Loans can approve you for a fast title loan. The criteria include your car’s value, your ability to pay the monthly payments and other credit criteria. You will need to turn in your car title, but after the loan has been repaid, the vehicle’s title is returned to you. Here is where you can learn more regarding how title loans work.

What are the legal requirements for car title loans?

It’s important to confirm that the title loan lender is licensed in the state of Florida. When you go into the lender’s office, the license should be hanging on the wall or in some other visible location. You can always ask to see it, but you shouldn’t need to.
In the state of Florida, car title lenders are required to have a finance lenders license, which they can get through the Florida Department of Business Oversight. To verify that your title lender is licensed, you may contact the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. The direct phone number is (850) 487 – 9687.

Why do people say that an auto title loan is better than getting a payday loan?

Payday loans are smaller loan amounts that are given as short term only. Auto title loans, on the other hand, are for larger amounts and can be repaid over a longer term. When you repay a car title loan according to the contract, you will not owe anything following the final payment. With payday loans, they start over each time you request a new loan, so they are more difficult to get paid off.

What are the reasons for requesting title loans instead of bank loans?

There are several reasons that consumers might select title loans over a more traditional bank loan. Most borrowers agree that getting title loans are easier and more convenient. Since banks usually have a long and complicated approval process, they are harder to get. This is especially true for anyone who has a bad credit score. The approval process for getting a title loan is easy and in since cases, you can get an approval very fast.

Swift Title Loans has several advantages over bank loans, such as:

-Fast and easy approval process, without complicated requirements.
-There is no charge for submitting a title loan application – is it totally free.
-Quick loan approval is not based only on your credit score, but takes other criteria into account.

Visit one of our Florida offices or call us today for more information.

How Do Swift Title Loans Work?

You can visit any one of the Swift Title Loans locations in Florida to request urgent cash. Choose the office closest to your home and drop in to fill out your title loan application. We are here to help you with the 3 short steps that can lead you to an instant title loan. If you have more questions, feel free to call us or to stop by.

Step One: Visit Us

Without calling ahead or making an appointment, you are always invited to walk into the location that is the most convenient for you. Come in during business hours and you’ll only need a few minutes to fill in your quick loan application.

Step Two: Basic Information

With a few of your basic details and information regarding the car that you own, you can complete your request form. We will ask you about which model your car is and the mileage. We’ll also need proof of your monthly income.

Step Three: Quick Funding

Once you’ve received notification that you have pre-qualified for a car title loan, your funds will be prepared for you to pick up. When you come to take the cash, bring in your car’s title to use as loan security and keep your car to drive.

How do I repay my title loan?

With several different payment options available, you can choose the one that is the most convenient for you. Look at the following choices and call us if you have any questions:

1. Payment by cash:
When going to any Bank of America branch, you can deposit a cash payment into the Swift Title Loans account. To arrange the cash deposit, remember to include both your phone number and the number of your bank account.

2. Payment by phone:
You can call Swift Title Loans at any time during regular business hours. By giving us your debit or credit card details, we can help you make your monthly payment.

3. Bank check or money order can be mailed to:
Swift Car Title Loans
206 E. Canal Street
Mulberry, FL 33860

What information do I need when applying for a car title loan in Florida?

You can expect to provide the following details when applying for your car title loan. When you have this information ready, your application process can be completed in minutes.
Details of your car or other vehicle:

– Make and model
– Year of manufacture
– Vehicle’s Identification number (VIN)
– When applicable, the vehicle’s license plate number

Although mileage is not a requirement when applying for a car title loan, it will help determine your vehicle’s equity.
Personal Details:
– Your name
– Your residential address
– Date of birth
– Social security number
– Details of your bank account

What are the steps to paying off a title loan early?

It is possible to pay off a title loan before it is due. If you want to repay your loan early, you’ll be glad to know that at Swift Title Loans, you won’t be charged a pre-payment fee. As early as you can repay your title loan, go ahead! Whenever you can pay off a loan early, you can save money on interest.

Can I be sure that my personal details are safe at Swift Title Loans?

At Swift Title Loans, we take necessary steps to protect your personal information. According to the law, all private consumer information must be protected. Several government agencies oversee this, to be sure that consumers are protected. Our client’s safety is a top concern for us, and we take all possible steps to protect information.

We provide a transparent legal privacy policy, which explains how we collect and share information. We encourage clients to read this legal document to fully understand how their details are protected.

Some of the methods and systems we use to secure information is through highly sophisticated encryption technology. You can be confident that when you send your personal information to Swift Title Loans, it will be kept safe from outside sources or prying eyes

How do I know where the branches in Florida are located?

Since there are several Swift Title Loans locations across the state of Florida, you are welcome to look for the one closest to you. Go to our website and look under the “location” tab. Alternatively, you can call us anytime during business hours. We’ll be glad to help you locate the office closest to you.

Where is my car during the time that I’m paying the loan back?

You can keep your car to drive just like you normally do – it stays with you. After you finish repaying the loan, your car title will be returned.

If someone has bad credit, is it possible to get a title loan?

Whether or not you have a bad credit store or you don’t even have a credit rating, you can still be eligible for a loan from Swift Title Loans. Whatever your credit status is, you are welcome to apply.

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