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Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Swift Title Loans wants you to have all the information about how to get a title loan with us. So we compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions, and have provided an entire list of answers. Here is our FAQ section:

Can I Get a Title Loan Online? 

Car title loans can be found online. Depending on the state where you live, it is sometimes possible to get an approval within minutes after sending in your online application. 

How Do Title Loans Work?

Title loans are a streamlined way that anyone with any credit status can apply for instant loans. They are secured loans, so are based on something you own that has a high value. When working with Swift Title Loans, you can use a vehicle owned by you as security for a fast loan. You can call our offices during business hours, walk into a location near you or apply anytime by going online. Most consumers love the ease and flexibility of working with online title loans.

Here are the basics of how title loans work:

  • Use the title of your vehicle as loan security, but keep your vehicle with you to drive as you need.
  • Apply anytime of the day or night by using the application for title loans located on the website.
  • Get quick pre-approval of your request for a title loan and a fast lending decision.
  • Submit your car title to the lender as collateral for a secured and fast cash loan.
  • When the final contract has been signed, the funding arrives very quickly.
  • Pay once a month while driving your car. When the contract is finished, get your title back.

The system is quick and simple. You can use your laptop, your smartphone or even a tablet to go to the website of Swift Title Loans. It’s open all the time so no matter what time it is, you can go in, fill in your easy submission form and send it to us. After a speedy credit review, you will get a reply. Continue the process as instructed by the customer service team and before you know it, you’ll have the cash you need.

When you get the money from the online title loan, you can use it for anything you need. There is no limit set on what the cash can be used for, so cover your debts, pay your bills or make whatever purchase you’ve been waiting for.

Can I Get Approval if I Have a Bad Credit Rating? 

Most credit types are accepted for online title loans. You can be approved regardless of your credit status, so go ahead and apply. 

How Long Will it Take to Get My Money?

After you submit your request for an online loan to Swift Title Loans, you will get a fast response. You’ll know within minutes if your application has been pre-approved. From there, the customer service department will lead you through the remaining steps. With the required documents, the team will be able to process your loan request and prepare a final contract for you to sign without delay. 

If you have all of your documents and proof of income, etc, prepared to send in, you can move through the loan approval steps very quickly. After you have received the final approval and sent your vehicle title into the office, your final contract will be ready for you to sign. For fast funding, sign the contract as soon as you’ve read through the terms and send it back. Remember that you aren’t under any obligations to sign, but if you want to continue and get your instant cash, go ahead and sign it. Your money won’t be prepared until it’s been signed.

From the time you sign the final contract for an online title loan, the money will be prepared for you very quickly. As soon as it’s ready, your lender can advise you on how to get the cash. Here are a few of the options that might be available to you:

  1. Pick up a check in one of the Swift Title Loans locations near you.
  2. Ask that a check be mailed to your residence.
  3. Go to a specified store front where they will have your cash waiting.
  4. Set up a bank transfer, so that the cash loan will be in your account within moments.

How Much Money Can I Get With a Car Title Loan?

As you can imagine, there are several factors that go into determining the exact value of your online loan. Car title loans are secured loans – they are secured by the value of your vehicle. If your vehicle doesn’t happen to be a car, don’t worry! Other types of vehicles accepted include a motorcycle, a truck or van, an RV or a boat. Whatever vehicle you have, reach out to our customer service team for quick approval.

Obviously, if we are using your vehicle as loan security, its value is key to approving a loan amount. Whichever vehicle you plan to use to secure the cash loan, you’ll need to state the type of car you own and all its relevant details. By using the information you provide, the lender will be able to assess its value. How much money you can get will be related to the amount your vehicle is worth.

Besides your car’s value, your income also plays a part in deciding how much money you can get. Depending on the length of the loan term, you’ll be paying the money off in equal, monthly installments. Your current income needs to be sufficient to cover those monthly payments.

Besides the value of your vehicle and the amount of  monthly income you get, the lender will have credit criteria that you must fit. You can speak to your lender directly about this. As soon as it’s determined that you qualify for a title loan, the final contract can be prepared so you can see what the total loan amount is.

Are There Benefits to Online Title Loans? 

You’ll be happy to know that there are many advantages to getting your title loan online. Here are a few of them: 

  • Easily apply online anytime 24/7 
  • Fast and easy process
  • Quick approval time  – the money can be yours in a very short time!
  • You can keep driving your car
  • Use the money for any need – no questions asked!

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