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Whatever you need fast cash for today, title loans can be the answer! Title loans are easy to get, very fast and when you get the money you can use it for anything you need! The funds can be used for urgent expenses you need to cover, bills that are due or any emergency need for cash. There are no restrictions on how you use the money!

Are you in a tough place without the money you need to get by? Maybe your salary was late coming in this month or the expenses just keep piling up with no end in sight? Don’t fret! With title loans, you can get quick cash with no limitations! You can go to the Swift Title Loans location near you or you can stay put and send us your inquiry form online. Whenever you need cash, you can contact us by calling, coming into our offices or through our easy to use website.

How Title Loans Can Help You

When you need to get some money quickly, it can cause you to worry and even lose sleep. No one wants to be in that situation! You can have trouble concentrating on the job, get grouchy with your loved ones and even suffer from medical conditions. Why worry when you can access the Swift Title Loans website at any hour of the day or night? It will take only minutes to fill in a quick online request for cash. You can rest peacefully knowing that your application for a title loan is being taken seriously by our highly trained staff of loan representatives.

When you send in an online request for title loans, you can expect to receive a fast reply. After you receive notification that your request is pre-approved, you can send in the necessary information and documents. A loan rep will lead you and guide you through the steps so that you can finish quickly. Once you get the final approval with a title loan contract, you can sign it and get the money.

With title loans, you never have to worry about hidden fees or added charges. Everything you need to pay will be clearly listed on your contract so that you won’t have to be left wondering. You can begin the loan application process knowing that you will not be under obligation to sign anything, unless you want to. The application process is totally free!

How Instant Title Loans Work

When you need money for any urgent need, you have different options for choosing loans. Here are a few ways you might think of to get money quickly:

  • Asking a relative for some cash
  • Borrowing from a work colleague
  • Going to your bank for a personal loan
  • Checking with your credit union 
  • Getting a quick title loan

With each loan type, there are conditions. Asking a relative or friend for money can end up badly all around! Bank loans can be very complicated with extensive application procedures – especially if you have bad credit. Title loans, on the other hand, are simple to apply for, you get quick credit decisions and the funding is fast. Since there are no restrictions to how you use the money, you can spend it on anything!

To apply for title loans, you need to be prepared to send the title of something you own with value. In this case, it’s a vehicle that is used as loan security. Did you know you can use your vehicle to secure a loan without giving up your car? That’s one of the advantages of title loans – you can use your car’s value but also keep driving it!

According to your financial situation and your car’s value, you can get quick loan approval. Final loan amounts vary, according to various factors. Just think of how you could spend a large amount of cash! Just remember that the car must belong to you and you need to present a title with your name on it.

Title Loan Perks:

  • Title loans are available online all the time – 23/7
  • No hidden fees or prepay penalties
  • Send in your car title but keep driving your car
  • Fast and easy application process – FREE
  • No obligation to sign anything
  • Get the cash quickly to use without restrictions

Getting Started with Online Loans

You can always step into a Swift Title Loans location near you, but if it’s the middle of the night and you need money now, your best bet will be through the quick and easy online process. It takes only a few minutes to fill in the form and submit it. Remember that it’s free to apply and you won’t be under any obligations to sign!

Begin with these simple steps:

First step: You never need to be concerned about what time it is when you are ready to apply – you won’t wake anyone up! The online site is available to you every hour of the day or night, so there are no restrictions to submitting your request. When you open the website of Swift Title Loans, you’ll see the application form waiting for you! Take a few minutes to fill it in and send it to us.

Second step: The loan representatives are ready to evaluate your online loan request! You will get a fast reply with a quick credit decision. To continue with the title loan process, the agent will request some more information. Send that in and your final approval and offer will be prepared. 

Third (and final) step: When you have submitted your title and all the requested details, your final contract can be processed. It will be sent to you for a signature, but it’s strongly advised to read it carefully before signing. You aren’t under any obligation to accept an offer for title loans. Be sure that you are clear about the amount you’ll receive and your payment schedule, so there won’t be any confusion down the road. If you’re happy with the offer, sign it and get your cash! Your lender can give you options for picking up the money, but most consumers prefer a bank transfer to their own bank account.

The money is yours! Look at your list of urgent expenses and start paying them off!

What Makes Title Loans so Easy to Get?

Title loans are fast and easy because they are secured loans. By requesting a secured loan, it means that you have something valuable to offer in exchange for the money. The lender will keep what you send as security, or a guarantee that you will repay the loan according to the contract. This is different from a conventional bank loan, which is not secured. Here are some of the differences between secured and unsecured loans:

Secured loans:

  • Faster to process
  • Bad credit types accepted
  • Simple application procedure
  • No obligation to sign

Unsecured loans:

  • Complicated application process
  • Good credit score required
  • Lengthy approval time
  • Can be expensive

The choice is yours, but if you want fast service and quick turn-around, you’ll be pleased with the online service from Swift Title Loans!

Bad Credit Loans Available

If you have bad credit and are struggling to make ends meet, you’re not alone! Many consumers are finding it difficult to manage in today’s economy. Even if you have always had a good credit score, the increasing prices we’re living with today can affect credit scores. For instance, if you are someone who is careful to always pay your bills on time, you might not be able to now. As soon as you make late payments or you run up too much credit, your credit score can be affected.

At Swift Title Loans, we understand the financial challenges consumers are facing today. We know that sometimes circumstances are just beyond our control. If you or a family member were sick and you needed to take time off work, your salary may have been less than normal. Maybe you were temporarily laid off from the job or hit unexpected expenses that you couldn’t pay for. There are any number of reasons why your credit score is bad, but you are still welcome to apply for title loans.

No matter what your credit score is today, you can send in an online inquiry form and get a quick credit decision. Title loans are secured loans, so if you have bad credit it is not always an issue. Online lenders make the lending decision based on the whole picture of your financial situation, so anyone with any credit score can be approved.

Want to learn more about how bad credit loans work? Send us your online application today and let’s get started!

Basic Title Loan Requirements

To make the title loan application process go quickly and smoothly, there is a short list of documents and information that will be required. Title loan applications, unlike those from a conventional bank or loan institution, are not complicated, but there is basic information and financial details that will need to be provided. 

To begin the title loan application process, you only need to fill in a few basic details. After your request is pre-approved and you move on to the loan process, the lender will need more information and documentation. Here are the basics you should prepare for:

  • Photo ID issued by the government – a passport, a driver’s license or a state ID
  • Current income – with proof that can be your salary stubbs, your recent bank statements or other documentation of monthly deposits
  • Place of residence – with mail addressed to you or your name and address on utility or credit card bills
  • Type of vehicle you are using as loan security – with the title and vehicle’s details
  • Bank account information – for direct deposit of funds into your account

With this information, the loan rep will be able to evaluate your loan amount, term and final contract approval.

Car Title Loans

Title loans using your vehicle as security are one of the most common types of secured loans. By using your vehicle’s current value as collateral, you can get faster loan approval and an easier application process. Vehicle loans, however, are not limited only to cars. Here are the types of vehicles most commonly used as loan security:

  • Private cars
  • Personal trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Whatever type of vehicle you have, you can check its eligibility with your lender. It’s important that you are able to show documents with your name on them, so it is clear the vehicle in question belongs only to you. The title is usually sufficient, because it has the owner’s name listed.

These are the points the lender will take into consideration when preparing your vehicle title loan:

  • Current title – The title must be in the name of the owner. If there is anyone else’s name on the title, you can find out how to correct it at the DMV. Also check to see if there are liens against your vehicle. If you recently purchased the vehicle and it’s still in the previous owner’s name, you can have your title updated.
  • State registration – The vehicle needs to be registered in the state where you live and where you wish to get a title loan. If you are new to the state, you can take care of the registration at the DMV.
  • Type of car or vehicle – To evaluate your vehicle’s value, the lender will want to know what type of vehicle it is, the model and year and the number of kilometers it’s been driven.It’s helpful to also include its current condition, which can be confirmed with recent photos. With that information, your loan amount can be evaluated. Basically, the vehicle’s value needs to be higher than the amount of money you want to borrow.

When the lender receives and confirms the details of the vehicle, you can get the final contract to sign.

Using Title Loans for Any Need

One of the reasons title loans are increasing in popularity is because the money is not restricted to any specific use. With some types of conventional loans, they want to know why you want the urgent loan and give you restrictions on what you can use the money for. At Swift Title Loans we don’t involve ourselves in your business. If you get a title loan, you can use the money for whatever you think is the most urgent. 

We don’t ask a lot of questions concerning your plans for the money, but many of our customers have told us why they need quick funds and what they want to use the cash for. Below is a short list of some of those reasons. Take a look and see if you can get some ideas and inspiration about how title loans can help you!

  • Too many bills – This can happen to anyone at any time, but it is especially noticeable around the holidays. With all the holiday spending and obligations, the credit cards can get over-loaded quickly! Between purchasing gifts for everyone on your list, buying special outfits to wear to holiday parties and hosting festive get-togethers, it can be hard to stay within your budget. A title loan can help you get all those pesky credit card balances paid off in one go, leaving you with only one payment per month.
  • Emergency expenses – The problem with emergency expenses is that you don’t expect or prepare for them! When an emergency pops up that needs cash immediately, what can you do? An emergency can come from anywhere, such as a sudden illness, an urgent home repair that cannot wait or even a quick trip to visit an ailing parent across state.
  • Furthering your education – Sometimes all it takes is a night class or two to teach you new skills that you can use on the job. With an improved skill set, you can go out and look for a better job or discuss a raise with your current boss. Set your sights high and use title loans to enroll in classes.
  • Medical expenses – If you or someone in your family has been ill, it’s possible you were left with expenses that need to be covered. Even if you have medical insurance, you might be required to cover your share of the bills. Before a collection agency comes looking for the money, it’s better to pay it straight out. Save your credit score by paying bills when they are due.

Do you have more questions about how funds from title loans can be used? Contact us at Swift Title Loans today!

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