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Have you ever noticed that it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet. You might work your tail off on the job, do everything you can to cut back on spending and you still can’t stay on top of bills. If you find yourself in that situation today, welcome to the club! If you’re considering personal loans to help you get back on track, read on for more helpful information. 

When applying for personal loans, it’s good to know all the information and about the various loan types before getting started. We want to help you get the type of financial help that will meet your personal needs. There are pros and cons for the different types – it’s good to  understand them and to know where to apply for the loan that you want.

Title Loans for Urgent Cash 

Title loans are secured loans, which means that you can take advantage of all the benefits. Secured loans are easier to apply for and you can get quick approval. When the final title loan contract has been signed, you don’t have to wait for your money. Your lender will take care of it as quickly as possible so you can get the cash and spend it.

Title loans take advantage of something you own that has good value. In most cases, that is a car or other type of vehicle. If you own a vehicle and it’s worth a lot of money, you can use its value for a secured loan. Even though you can use its value, you don’t have to give it up! After loan approval and signing the contract to get the cash, you are only required to send your title to the lender.

At Swift Title Loans, we help people just like you with the quick cash they need for any purpose. There is no charge for applying for title loans – it’s all free! You can be pre-approved right away and begin the loan process. There are locations you can visit if you like the person – to – person approach, but you can also manage the loan process from your own home. To apply online for title loans, you don’t need to go anywhere!

For more details about how title loans work, contact Swift Title Loans. Customer service agents will be happy to help you with information on how to get started. Call or go to the website for more details.

Installment Loans

If you want to get the money you need today and then pay it back in equal, monthly payments, installment loans could be the answer. Installment loans are available in loan offices, conventional institutions such as banks and online. You can choose whichever process is the easiest for you.

If you choose to go to a traditional institution, such as a bank or credit union, your loan will most likely be an unsecured loan. If it’s unsecured, the loan process will take longer. The bank doesn’t want to take risks by approving loans for consumers that might not be able to repay the money, so they require a lot of forms, papers, documents and personal information. Banks might even want to know why you want the money and make rules about how you can spend the money once you get it.

For a simple and fast way to procure installment loans, you can approach the customer service team at Swift Title Loans, Apply for a secured installment loan that is backed by an asset of value and you can take advantage of the quick processing and speedy funding. With online loans, you won’t have to wait in lines for service and you’ll find out right away if you are approved and how much cash you can get.

Personal Loans for Bad Credit Consumers

There are many types of fast loans you can apply for even if you have a bad credit score. Online lenders understand the challenges of keeping your head above water in these times where money is tight. Whether you get an increase in salary or not, the money you have to lay out for life’s basic needs are skyrocketing. Many people are finding it very hard to manage their day-to-day cash flow.

When you don’t have enough money to put food on the table, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to send your monthly payments in on time either. As soon as you get behind on your payments, your credit score will begin to plummet. As you get backed up with your bills, your credit rating will continue to get worse. Once you have a bad credit score, it can become very difficult, or even impossible, to be approved for conventional loans from a bank.

This is a typical scenario that online lenders, such as Swift Title Loans, are familiar with. Online lenders go out of their way to help consumers who have fallen into the bad credit trap. By processing secured loans, it’s possible to get quick approval for instant cash. Whatever your credit score is, you can go online anytime to fill in an inquiry form for personal loans for bad credit.

How to Apply for Personal Loans

Unless you have a perfect credit score, you might find that online loans fulfill your need for instant cash with the fewest number of steps and the least amount of hassles. There is no need to make an appointment with your local banker, go to your credit union or get a loan from your credit card company. Wherever you are and whatever time it is, you can simply go online to apply for easy personal loans.

If you have bad credit, you won’t be turned away. Anyone with any type of credit score, good or bad, is welcome to apply for personal loans online. You don’t have to wait around for an office to open and you don’t have to drive around anywhere. Get out your laptop, tablet or smartphone, snuggle up on the couch or sit at your kitchen table to get the ball rolling.

When you fill in the quick and easy online inquiry form and send it in, you will get a speedy reply from a customer service agent. Before long you will find out if you have been pre-approved, so you can go on with the process for personal loans. The process moves quickly once your credit review has been performed, so get ready for your cash!

The steps to get to the final approval and loan contract are not complicated. The agent will walk you through each step and help you understand the basic requirement. Keep in mind that you are not under any type of obligation to sign the offer! Even if you get to the end of the title loan process and are presented with the final contract, it’s your decision if you want to sign it and accept the cash loan.

We always suggest that consumers read the final contract well before signing it. At Swift Title Loans, every item that you need to pay will be clearly stated so there won’t be any confusion about rates, monthly payments or loan terms. If you read the contract and you want to go ahead with it, sign it and return it to your lender so the cash can be processed and sent to you…

Options for Using Personal Loans

The great thing about getting online personal loans is that you can use the money for anything! By using the title to your vehicle to secure an online loan, you get to take the easiest path possible to your instant cash. Once you get approved for online title loans and receive the funds, you can use them for anything you want to!

Secured loans from Swift Title Loans will provide you with the instant loan you need to cover your financial emergencies. We do not ask you why you need urgent cash and we don’t restrict the way you want to use it. We only want to help you get it as simply as possible. Below is a list of some of the most popular uses for swift online loans.

Popular uses for online title loans

  • Covering emergency medical expenses: You never know when you might get sick, or someone in your family. Whether it’s you or them, there’s a good chance you’ll need to miss work and possibly get a lower paycheck. Along with not getting the money you are accustomed to getting, you’ll have extra expenses for doctors, hospitals and medicines. Use online personal loans to help cover the costs.
  • Paying off bills once and for all: If you have a stack of bills each month but you can only pay the minimal amount, you are probably being charged a lot of interest. With credit card bills lining up to be paid, it will be very hard to ever get them paid off by sending in the minimum. Instead, you could use a title loan to get the amount of money you need and pay them off entirely. Be free from monthly credit card bills and pay off the title loan in simple installments.
  • Making urgent repairs to your home: There are cosmetic improvements to your home that might help your outlook, but they can wait. However, there are other types of problems that can happen in a home that must be taken seriously. If you have faulty wiring in your house, you are at risk for a fire. If you have pipes that leak or places in your roof where water can leak in, all of your household belongings could be at risk. Don’t take chances with your family by putting off home repairs. Instead, apply for online personal loans to get the funds you need now.
  • Quick trips to visit loved ones: If your parents are ailing but live 200 miles away, you might be lacking the funds to make a trip to visit them. Instead of missing you could be close, use the funds from online title loans to put gas in your car and make the trip. If you have an important family event, such as a wedding or a golden anniversary, use the money to take your family. It would be a shame to miss out on special once-in-a-lifetime events due to the lack of cash.
  • Enrolling in retraining courses: Are you stuck in a job that you don’t appreciate because of the lack of skills? Don’t let that hold you back! Find courses in your neighborhood that you can join in the evenings to teach you new skills. With increased education and more work skills under your belt, you can go out and look for a better-paying position or one that you might find more challenging. Don’t let money stop you – reach out to Swift Title Loans today and get going on your new career!

Improving Your Credit Score with Title Loans

There are several reasons that someone might have a bad credit score, but there are ways it can be improved. If you haven’t been able to pay your bills on time, or given up on paying them at all, your credit score will suffer. Besides getting a bad credit score, it’s also very expensive to not pay bills when they are due. On top of the high interest rates you might be paying already, you’ll also be responsible for extra late fees and penalties. The items that you bought on credit will suddenly become very expensive!

Another point that affects credit scores is how much debt you are in. If you have credit card bills, along with other expenses, up to your ears, it will be very difficult to get more credit when you need it. One way you can lower the amount of debt is by paying off as many debts as you can. Quick cash from personal loans can be used to lower your debt. As you pay back money you owe and are careful to send in the monthly payments when they are due, there’s a good chance you can see your credit score improve.

Easy Steps to Quick Online Title Loans

Consumers are astounded at how easy it can be to apply for online personal loans. In just a few minutes, you can fill in the short application form, submit it and already get a lending decision! After that first pre-approval, the rest of the steps fall into place quickly. 

Begin by going to the Swift Title Loans website whenever you have time. You can do this during business hours or at night, when the house is quiet. Fill in the blanks and hit the return button. Before you know it you’ll already have a lending decision.

After your request for a personal loan is approved, the customer service rep will let you know which additional items are needed to finish finalizing your loan request. 

The following items are normally needed to prepare your cash loan:

  • Source of income – How much money do you earn each month? Whether it’s your work salary or other income, make a list and be prepared to offer proof of income.
  • Photo ID – Send a copy of your driver’s license, your passport or a state ID.
  • Place of residence – Show a copy of a recent utility bill addressed to you, a bank statement with your name and address or some piece of mail that proves where you live. Be sure you live in the same state where you are requesting a personal loan.
  • Title to your car – If you are requesting an online title loan, include the details of a car you own. Make sure to send information on the type of car you own, its condition, its year and model and the number of miles on the odometer. The lender will check its value to send you a loan offer.
  • Bank account details – In order to make a direct transfer of the loan funds to your account, send the name of the bank and your account number to the lender. When the money has been prepared, it’s very quick to put it directly into your account.

Remember that once you get the money, it’s yours to spend on whatever you need without restrictions!

Apply for Personal Loans Today

If you’re stuck in a financial crisis now, go ahead and send in your online application. If you prefer to deal with your loan request face-to-face with a customer service agent, you can feel free to find the location near you. Walk in and expect to be greeted with a friendly face!

Whether you send in your application online or go to one of our locations, our customer service team is ready to serve you. You won’t be alone – they can help you every step of the way. We want you to get the money you need for emergencies quickly, without hassles!

Call now or send in your online application for a quick reply!

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